Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm Back, I'm Back, I'm Soo Back!

Well, I've officially finished my first semester at BYU! It has been a crazy, busy (and sometimes hard) few months, but I am grateful for all that I've learned, both academically and just as a person. I just finished my last final. I have literally been studying about 8 hours a day for the past 2 weeks (minus Saturdays/Sundays), and now I am finally FREE!!! I asked myself what the first thing I wanted to do was, and of course, ALIgories popped into my mind. I've missed it more than I thought was possible!
But wow, soo much has happened since I've last posted! To sum it all up, though, BYU has been one of the best experiences of my life so far! Each day I wake up and even when life seems hard, I know I'm in the right place for me right now. It is where I'm supposed to be, and I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to work hard and learn.
Since I blogged last, I have had all sorts of adventures. I was able to go with my family to our favorite place in the world--the beach house! Nothing but pure JOY in the shining sun! :)

(Luckily I was able to get caught up in school...)

I've also been trying to develop new talents, as well as keep my old ones strong... still dancing a ton but also learning to cook, manage time, and even sew my own clothes!--hahaha j/k. But I am definitely becoming quite the artist, don't ya think?!!

Finally, I've gained so many new friends! My roomies, Courtney and Kaitlyn, are the best! I seriously feel like I've known them forever, and we get along perfectly together (I was nervous I'd get some crazy BYU weirdos or something, but there was nothing to worry about!).

(Halloween was a blast... never can have too many costumes!)

(Our favorite reward for acing tests is frozen yogurt at FroZone.)

So despite all the hard work at the Creamery on Ninth...

and the late nights doing homework in the Harold B. Lee Library,
LIFE IS GOOD and every day is a beautiful one. There is so much to love! I am so thankful for my crazy and loving family, for my loyal and true friends (both old and new), and for my supportive and undertanding Heavenly Father.

It's crazy to think about how so much can change so fast, and how you never know where life will take you next. Last year at this time, I had nooo idea that this is where I'd be. But that, I guess, is why life is so exciting.

May we all allow life to take us on the journey we're meant to travel and love it for what it has to offer. Although we may not know all of our own destinations just yet, it's okay; we can enjoy each moment of being alive, having each other in our company, and wondering where life will take us next.


  1. Oh I loved that post! I had no idea you were blogging again! It's so true - it's good to just enjoy where we are at NOW. Not worrying about all the stuff to come, but just enjoy life for what it is today! Loved the song too.

  2. Thanks, mama! :)
    That truly is something I've learned recently, and a lot if it is from YOUR example. Thanks for everything. Love you!